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Welcome to Scandi Clothes.

 Please note all orders made 13-19 February 2017 will be sent 20 February 2017.  

Scandinavian outerwear and children's clothes.


Our clothes are created with the focus on well-being. At Scandi Clothes we believe, it should be great fun to be a real "mischief-maker" who lives, plays and explores in all kinds of weather.

The clothes are smart, strong and bright in colours.

Our outerwear is recommended by Forest Schools* and we proudly work with, amongst others, Dandelion Education LTd and Goldcrest Outdoor Education 



"Dandelion Education Ltd

Dandelion would like to recommend scandiclothes. The clothes and boots are super warm and actually, truly waterproof!"


*If you are a Forest School practitioner or member please get in touch with us to hear, what we can offer your school and/or group.



Half circle dress with Dala print

Villervalla beautiful half circle dress with Dala horses and long sleeves. 95% cotton, 5% elastane. Oeko-Tex® The dress has buttons in the neck up to size 86.

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